Week 1

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Your Pregnancy Overview

No Baby Yet
Your future baby is still just some small cells
Your baby is currently nothing more than a fertilised egg

Weeks To Go

You still have quite a way to go during your pregnancy.

Baby developments:

There’s no baby just yet or even an embryo. Your body is working hard preparing to make way for an extra person in there. As we speak your uterus is making way for a fertilised egg to make an appearance. You wont know for sure if the egg is fertilised until next month. Or when your a few days late coming on your period.

Body changes:

Youve just had your last period for a little while and the lining of your uterus is shredding and along with it removing an unfertilised egg. However there is also other things happening too, such as a new cycle beginning making way for your pregnancy.

Common symptoms:

Your basal temperature will drop and then spike slightly by half a degree when ovulation occurs. You can used a digital thermometer throughout your next few monthly cycles to predict when you are ovulating to calculate when to get under the covers.

Your cervical mucus may become larger in volume as you are coming closer to conception and it may also become cloudy.

Tips for you:

Speak to your doctor if you’re trying to conceive to see if there is any extra vitamins you can take, such as folic acid. Or if there is any current medication that your on that you could potentially come off or find a replacement that is safer for both yourself and the baby.

Look for signs of ovulation. Track your cycle and start taking your temperature throughout the month, looking for a spike in your temperature to indicate you are ovulating.