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What are the common symptoms of Autism?

Autism Spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction and behaviour.

Autism symptoms are unique to each individual child and no two are the same but some of the most common signs that a person may have Autism are;

Having social interaction difficulties

  • They may lack eye contact

  • Have difficulty understanding or responding to social cues and gestures

  • Have difficulty initiating or maintaining conversations with others

  • Show a preference for solitary activities

  • Have difficulty forming and maintaining friendships

Having communication challenges - this is a hallmark for Autism and they may exhibit;

  • Delayed speech or lack of speech

  • Echoing or repeating words or phrases

  • Difficulty understanding and using non-verbal communication, facial expressions and gestures

  • Difficulty starting or sustaining conversations

  • unusual tone or rhythm of speech

Have repetitive behaviours and/or restricted interests - often engaging in repetitive behaviours and have narrow and intense interests

  • Repetitive Movements, hand flapping, rocking and spinning

  • Insistence on sameness and resistance to changes in routine and rituals

  • Highly focused on their interests in specific topics or objects

  • preoccupation with certain sensory experiences for example Lining up toys, fixating on specific sounds.

Have Sensory Sensitivities - to certain sounds, tastes, textures or touch.

  • They may over or under react to sensory input, loud noises, bright lights or certain textures

  • They may engage in repetitive behaviors as a way to seek or avoid sensory input

  • They may have difficulty with transitions or changes in sensory environments

They may have challenges with executive functioning (set of mental processes that help individuals plan and organise and regulate their behaviours)

  • Have difficulty with organisation and time management

  • Have impulsivity or find it difficult to use self-control

  • have difficulty solving problems and with flexible thinking


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