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What are fun and engaging activities to help my 4 year old learn to write?

Children learn to write at different stages and ages, some get it straight away and others need a bit more help forming the letters and recognising the shapes and sounds.

Fun and engaging ways to help your child write
Children learning to write

Here are some ideas of things to do with your child to help them start and progress their writing.

Tracing and Copying

Tracing worksheets or dotted lines can be used to practice tracing letters and shapes, this can then progress to copying words independently.

Play dough letters

You can encourage your child to form letters by rolling and shaping dough. This also develops fine motor skills and muscle memory.

Salt or Sand Writing

Put some salt or sand into a shallow tray and get your child to practice writing letters and numbers using their fingers, sticks or a paintbrush

Write in shaving foam

Get your child to use their finger or a brush in the foam to draw shapes and letters

Letter stamps

These can be used to try and spell out words and names using an ink pad and letters

Dot to dot and connect the dots

Make a dot to dot with your child's name or short words such as 'Bat, Cat, Rat' that your child can join the dots up then sound and spell out the word back to you. This also helps them with their hand-eye coordination.

Writing on vertical surfaces

Allow your child to write on a chalkboard or white board or easel that is vertical, this develops your child's shoulder muscles and arm muscles.

Like any new skill, Helping my 4 year old to write takes practice so get them to practice as much as possible to recognise the letters, sounds and words and the rest will come when they are ready.


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