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The importance of outdoor play

Outdoor play is important for the holistic development of children. promoting their physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being. It offers them a diverse range of experiences and opportunities for growth and learning.

Here some of the many reasons why outdoor play should be part of your child's development:

Connection with nature

Nature has a calming affect on children, it helps them to develop a sense of appreciation and respect for the environment. it promotes environmental awareness and encourages sustainable behaviours

Emotional Well-being

Being outdoors allows children to release stress levels, boost mood and overall well-being and provides them with a sense of freedom and adventure

Vitamin D absorption

Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D which every child needs to grow.

Health and Fitness

Regular outdoor play helps children to stay active, reduce obesity and health issues and promotes and strengthens bones and muscles and overall well-being.

Risk assessment and resilience

The outdoor exposes children to manageable risks, climbing trees, jumping from high equipment and balancing. This type of play helps children develop their risk assessment, problem solving and resilience skills.

Cognitive Development

The outdoors stimulates cognitive development by exploring new environments, natural elements, sensory experiences, problem solving skills, creativity and imagination.

Imagination and Creativity

Outdoor play offers a wide range of natural materials and open-ended spaces to explore and use in imaginative play, stimulates creativity, storytelling skills and thinking out of the box.

Balance with Screen time

Being outdoors helps to reduce the amount of time children are sat in sedentary behaviours. it promotes healthy lifestyle choices to disconnect from tech and engage in active play.


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