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Is your child school ready?

Starting school for the first time for your little one can be overwhelming for you and your child. How do you know if your child is ready to make that next step and what can you do to help them get ready?

Here is a quick checklist of things that your child is expected to do (dependent on ability) before they start school:

  1. Be able to put their coat on themselves and zip it up

  2. Be able to wash their hands independently

  3. Be able to use the toilet independently

  4. Be able to put on their own shoes

  5. Eat with a knife and fork

  6. Use a tissue to wipe their nose

  7. Help to tidy up

  8. Recognise their own name visually

How can you help your child at home to get ready for school?

You can help by getting your child to be more independent by encouraging them to dress themselves in the morning and undress in the evening for bed, get them to wash their own face and hands, ensure that they use a knife and fork at meal times and have a cup to drink from rather than a water bottle.

Ways to help your child to recognise their name ready for school

  • Writing their name with them, getting them to trace over your words

  • Get them to use magnet alphabet on the fridge to spell their name

  • Have visuals of their name around the house in places they see all the time

  • Have a specific peg in your cloakroom/hallway with their name on to hang their bag and coat on just like they will have at school


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