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How to create a better bedtime routine

When children hit certain milestones they begin to have their own fight back about certain things they want to do and not want to do. Bedtimes are always a struggle when little ones want to stay up and play, especially when the lighter nights come around and they tell you its not bedtime yet as its still light outside.

There are some things that can help when it comes to getting your little one to go to bed at the right time without causing a fuss or fighting back at you. Here are some things to consider;

Consistency and patience are essential

Dont give up, if you need to put little one back into bed 100 times one evening keep doing it, eventually they will give in and realise they are not going to win and that they have to stay in bed.

Encourage regular exercise during the day

Get your little one to do as much running, jumping, hopping and skipping around during the day to tire them out and help them to sleep better in the night.

Create a calming environment

Before bedtime create calm, play soothing music, read stories and snuggle up and be calm, helping your child to wind down gradually before they go upstairs.

Establish a consistent routine

Make a bedtime routine with your child with times and things that happen before bedtime and try and stick to the same routine every night so that they know what is expected of them, what happens next and when they need to go to bed.

Engage in relaxing activities before bedtime

before bedtime think of some nice quiet and calm activities to do rather than watching TV such as colouring or sticking stickers in a book or reading.

Limit screen time before bed

Using tablets and phones before bedtime is a no, they keep the child's mind working and wired for excitement and frustration and hyped up rather than calm and relaxed.

Ensure the bedroom is dark, quiet and comfortable.

When the room is dark it makes it creates the calming atmosphere to switch off the brain and close eyes for sleep time. If you need to block out the sunshine black out blinds are great, or even cover the window over the summer months with a darker sheet or blanket until its dark outside.


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