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Summer has been and gone and Autumn is fast approaching, as is the cold weather. The displays featuring buckets and spades and aeroplanes are being pulled down as we speak and up are going the orange backing papers and the autumn displays. Here are a few tips to make your Autumn display stand out from the rest.


1. Natural Resources

Use natural resources to make your displays. Instead of using the paintbrushes that are found in every setting, use natural resources such as pine cones and leaves to make master peices. you could even apply paint to the leaves and use them to print onto the card or paper. Pine cones can be used by rolling them around in a tray lined with card and paint. They make interesting prints on the paper and the pine cones can then be hung from the ceiling or windows.

2. Link Your Display To The EYFS

Link the Autumn theme to a point in the Eyfs. For example: Explores colour and how colours can be changed. You could make the display about the colours of autumn and how the leaves change from green to orange to brown and also how things change in texture.

3. Include The Senses

The go to display for a lot of settings is the common tree with hand print leaves falling. However the children often gain no experiences from dipping their hands in paint and placing them onto sheets of paper. To make the display a little bit different you could add different textures to the paint such as crushed leaves and pumpkin seeds and you could also add different scents to make the display interactive. 

4. Animals Are Our Friends 

Include Autumnal animals and insects to your displays such as hedgehogs, spiders, bats, foxes and squirels. Use pictures of the real animals too rather than using cartoon pictures as examples to show your children as you are showing them the real thing. Rather than giving them a picture already made for them to draw or paint all over, show them the picture of the animal and allow them to make their own represenation of the animal.

5.  Use Favourite Books As The Theme

Theme your autumn display around a favourite book. (Check out of our top 5 books for Two Year olds). One of the most popular books for children is The Gruffalo. You could create a scene from a page from the book to use as your display. Involve the children by making the Gruffalo out of brown leaves and tissue paper and the mouse out rolling conkers on a sheets of card in a tray.


Bonus Addition

Why not break out your old sewing machine and make some fabric and felt autumn leaves that can be used on the displays? You can even dependant on the childrens age for the room and the sewing machine used let the kids help you out. I found a great guide on the best sewing machines for kids online.

Leave a comment below with your suggestions or any questions.

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